Wednesday, April 23, 2014

After a long winter

Do you notice too? How people search out the sun, how they smile more, how eager they are to just get outside and soak up their share?

Their share: of sun, of sky, of the clouds drifting by...of birds adrift. Of watching for newborn buds on trees and flowers surprising us suddenly with their (as yet to be revealed) blossoms.

We can't get enough outdoorsiness in our life on days as sweet and perfectly rounded as this one is.

I'm so glad the long winter has finally stopped picking on us. :) Welcome, spring! I hope you stay for as long as you possibly can.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Comfort Is

Comfort is having you as my friend.
Knowing that you see the parts of me I'm not as proud of;
but your love for me remains.
Knowing that I see the bits you're not as proud of;
but my love for you remains.
Isn't it nice to really know each other,
and love each other all the same?


She has strength of a strong man,
And yet the tenderness of a mother,
She's got the warmest, holdable hands,
And the bravery of no other.

Her heart has been torn apart,
In a way you'd think you couldn't survive,
But not only is she still breathing,
But she helps others to stay alive,

Remember dear one, when you're hurting,
(And I know that's nearly every single day,)
That the future is brighter than sunshine,
And you're loved by the one who's leading our way.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Clouds fall away

Clouds Fall Away

I thought I saw clouds forming,
From deep within your eyes,
I thought I saw pain and suffering,
That you couldn't quite disguise.

I thought I saw a ray of light,
That streaked across the blue,
I thought I saw a bit of hope,
That came blazing eagerly through,

I thought I saw a glimmer of peace,
Where before there'd only been pain,
I thought I saw a sweet release,
Instead of memories as dark as a stain,

I'll hold your hand, and wipe the tears,
And keep you in my heart.
I promise you it's safe in there,
And every day is a fresh new start.

Depthless Eyes

Depthless Eyes

I remember the first time,
I saw your depthless eyes,
My breath was taken away.

Now it's so many moons later,
And we've always been together,
And we've always found a way.

Thanks to the one who has always,
Etched a smile for me out of darkness,
Truly - my heart's home is in your hands.

Over a latte

The rain pelts down against the glass, leaving delicate and erratic streams in its wake. I follow that pattern with my finger, trying to guess where the falling drops might go. It eludes me each and every time.

"Hey!" I hear, turning around in my seat so quickly that I nearly drop my latte. Which would've been terribly tragic.

I turn around, and it takes a few more moments than it should. Recognition does not come instantly, but when it comes, it comes gloriously.

"Ella?" I ask.

"Yes!" She sets down her drink, and we burst into each others arms like the old dear friends we once were. It feels like we still are. Ahh, yes - that kind of old friend.

"How are you? I haven't seen you in, what? Ten years? More?" she asks me. I grin, taking in her carroty curls that threaten to escape from the piddly elastic holding them back. She really hasn't changed all that much - just add a few more freckles and wrinkles. No, not wrinkles - life etches. How could I not have known her instantly?

"More, I think," I admit, calculating it quickly. "Fifteen? Maybe seventeen?" "Wow," she plops down in the seat across from me. "And are you married? Kids?"

"Married, no kids. Cats, though!" I say, grinning. It's lame to admit to cat parenthood, but she knows my lameness and never minded before.

"I'm married with two kids. Every Wednesday morning, I'm treating myself to 'me time' and coming to this coffee shop to do some writing. I can't believe you're here! How can we have lost touch like we did?"

"Well," I excuse us "I've only been back in town a few months. We lived in England for years. So, it was pretty easy to lose track." Okay, so I love throwing in that bit about living in England. I can't help myself - I did love it. Sometimes I'll even catch myself still urging on my resistant English wannabe accent. Especially to the cats.

She shows me pictures of her kids - one a carroty boy, the other a pale and delicate smiling girl - and one of her and her husband. He looks like a salt of the earth type and I tell her so.

"Oh, Stan is great. He's been my rock, always encouraging me to write. But, tell me about your man! I didn't even know you'd gotten married."

So, we share lifestories, lots of memories stored up to give generously. I insist that this has become an occasion for a gluten free brownie for each of us. Indeed, nearly every day represents such an occasion. And, we sip our hot lattes and grin at each other foolishly at how lovely it is to have been found again.



The skyscape today is purely a haze,
Which matches my mood, kind of a daze,
I decide right then it's one of those days,
When I want to curl up and read a book.

Because that sky outside is a pewter grey,
And I love that lovely mysterious way,
That the clouds reach up and seem to say,
"We're all in this together."

Not a hint of blue, but an overshadowing fog,
Which for once - happily - isn't just smog,
And outside my window is my neightbor's dog,
who I swear can smile.

Sweet, sweet sky with your sheltered sun,
The streaking sky, like smoke from a gun,
Your glorious beauty never fails to stun,
And everything seems to be okay.

Tip toe

My fingers 'tip toe' across the keys, and I'm never quite sure where they'll land. What words will I find today? What thoughts will I express? What ideas, hopes or dreams might I share? When I allow my fingers to 'tip toe' across the keys....

I just need to walk

Sometimes, I just need to walk. Walking clears my head, eases my heart. Stresses and strains fall away with every additional step. Sometimes, I just need to walk.